Song Of The Immortal Beloved

A Contemporary Explanation of Spiritual Alchemy

Song of the Immortal Beloved is Erik P. Antoni’s seminal book on alchemy. It’s the first in a three book series on the subject. The book delves deeply into some of the greatest questions of human existence: Is there life-after-death? How did everything emerge into existence? Is there a God?

Accessing and utilizing an innate set of super cognitive skills embedded in an upper frequency range of human emotion, rarely accessed by most human beings on Earth, but developed through a process of “Spiritual Alchemy”, Erik P. Antoni takes the reader on a marvelous journey into the realm of pure consciousness, heavenly realms, and cosmic forces, to bring into light many of humanity’s most sought-after questions.

Concerto Of The Rising Sun

Dialogues in Spiritual Alchemy

Concerto of the Rising Sun is the second book in the alchemy series where three life-long researchers and practitioners in Spiritual Alchemy and Ancient Mysteries engage Erik P. Antoni in a brilliant series of dialogues on subjects ranging from Alchemical Meditation; Reincarnation & The Afterlife; The Kabbalah; Visions, Archetypes & Symbols; Ghosts & Poltergeists; Psychedelics; The Earth Monad Project, and a whole host of other topics.

The Alchepedia

A Glossary Of Alchemical Terms

The Alchepedia – Second Edition – is the third book in the alchemy series. The book is an alchemical glossary or index of terms which decodes, demystifies, and reconciles some of humanity’s ancient mythologies and arcane terminologies rising out of the collective unconscious into many of the world’s religions and spiritual philosophies.

Anthros Galactica

Anthros Galactica is a science fiction series narrated over multiple episodes. The series is a Space Opera about our humanity’s long forgotten past in the Milky Way Galaxy which arose out of several ancestral humanities who lived among a number of different star systems in the early Milky Way Galaxy.  

Episode one of the series, Rise of the Omicron, tells the story of two ancient long-forgotten humanities, the Orion Empire in the constellation of Orion and the Omicron Order in the constellation of Scorpius. Both humanities had competing visions for how human life should evolve and unfold throughout the galaxy. These two humanities eventually spark a great cosmic war which ultimately comes to determine the destiny of our own humanity, first on Mars, and then ultimately here on Earth, many years in the future.  

Episode two of the series, Higher Worlds, continues the story of the Orion and Omicron. Amidst the great struggle already growing between these two cosmic adversaries, a strange anomaly has been discovered deep under the Permian Ocean on Planet Artep, one of Orion’s terrestrial worlds in the Bellatrix star system. Little do people know that what awaits on the other side of this anomaly will change the course of the cosmic war.

Erik P. Antoni, using his knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries, presents an epic tale which compels the reader to stop and reconsider humanity’s place in the universe and to question the purpose of human existence.