Song Of The Immortal Beloved

A Contemporary Explanation of Spiritual Alchemy

“Song of the Immortal Beloved” delves deeply into some of the greatest questions of human existence: Is there life-after-death? How did everything emerge into existence? Is there a God?

Accessing and utilizing an innate set of super cognitive skills embedded in an upper frequency range of human emotion, rarely accessed by most human beings on Earth, but developed through a process of “Spiritual Alchemy”, Erik P. Antoni takes the reader on a marvelous journey into the realm of pure consciousness, heavenly realms, and cosmic forces, to bring into light many of humanity’s most sought-after questions.

During the process of this alchemical journey, a vast assortment of scientific theories and competing belief systems – stretching across many different fields of study – begin to naturally reconcile, including within the fields of quantum physics, psychology, neurology, religion, mythology, biology, anthropology, and archeology. Some of the greatest mysteries of existence begin to naturally fall into place.

Erik P. Antoni is a lifelong researcher in the fields of Spiritual Alchemy, Ancient Mysteries, Hermetic Wisdom, Alchemical Meditation, and Quantum Meditation. In this book, Erik explains how – through a series of transcendental experiences in early childhood – he was thrust into the alchemical process of having to reconcile throughout the course of his life, his transcendental experiences with a common human existence.

In his daily life, Erik is a senior executive of one of the largest engineering companies in the world. Erik lives in Silicon Valley and is a frequent traveler abroad. Erik maintains close relationships with his family and a small group of friends of like-minded interests. Erik’s main interest and pursuit in life is the elevation of the human condition and bringing to light the mysteries of the great unknown.

Excerpts from Song of the Immortal Beloved


Alchemy is the universal process of the cosmos continually renewing and reorganizing in response to a grand celestial design being projected upon it from a higher universal reality. The source of this higher reality is the most fundamental underlying abstract of nature, which some may call God, but which I choose to call the Cosmic Consciousness. All living beings possessing a degree of self-awareness have the innate ability to tune their minds to this universal alchemical process to quicken their own evolution and transform themselves to a higher level of existence.

Advent of the Valkyrie

One night, as I went to bed, when I closed my eyes to sleep; something other than sleep occurred. I do not remember falling asleep. My mind suddenly entered a completely different state of reality. This state of reality was as different from a dream as night is from day. A matter of fact, this state was dramatically more real than even my waking life in the physical world. It was a state of ultra-reality.

I found myself floating over a paradisiacal emerald green valley surrounded by magnificent velvet green mountains which folded into each other like pillows with a crystal royal blue sky above. The valley below me was beautifully manicured and the Sun was warm and soothing as it glistened across everything. The scene was so surreal, and the colors so vibrant, I would qualify the environment as animated or magical. As amazing and stunningly beautiful as this scene was, it could not even compare to the state of mind running through me in that moment. I was filled with a total state of complete and utter ecstasy, bliss, and euphoria which was so intense and profound that when I attempt to speak of it, I’m rendered speechless.

Valley of the Gods

The alchemical work begins with an awakening to the strangeness of one’s human condition.

Rather than continue with the typical human instinct to compensate for such flashes of awareness with reassurances to a false-self, the alchemical work begins with us breaking away from this instinct to observe the inner workings of our mind and how it relates to the illusion of our cultivated reality.

Journey to the Mountains

From a biofeedback perspective, I am not offering a new principle. From a biofeedback perspective, alchemy is already widely practiced in many fields of psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation – just with different terminologies and thought processes. I am merely adding a new dimension and depth to the process. This added dimension and depth of alchemy is a lost science which is attempting to re-emerge in our world. I am just one voice in that choir.

Alchemy is already a fundamental process of nature. At a minimum, all human beings experience alchemical moments in their lives, such as when their learning rewires their brain, or when they consciously transcend some aspect of their mind by changing their way of thinking.

What I am proposing in this book is simply an organized process to more fully exploit the real potential the biofeedback process offers, and to make alchemy a way of life, versus a random experience.

Mount Sophia

The moment our mind splits into the observer and the observed, the alchemical work begins.

The moment we change the focus of our meditation from a traditional meditation where a person attempts to achieve a momentary state of higher awareness – to an alchemical meditation where we attempt to realize and understand the inner workings of our mind, a shock resonates across the cosmos and the great dragon of Alpha is stirred from its slumber.

In the final analysis, it is the practice of alchemical meditation, not traditional meditation, which leads to the highest and most sustainable states of higher awareness over a lifelong spiritual journey.

Mount Kabbalah

The Earth trembles, the sky thunders, a star has fallen from the firmament, the alchemist is in crisis. The Apprentice has become a Journeyman.

Mount Sophia prepares us for one of the greatest challenges of our life. The moment of fate arrives with the arrival of the Second Mountain: Mount Kabbalah.

Deep within us, beyond the range of common human emotion, there is a hidden level of super-sensibility possessing within it a super-human capacity for achieving a profound realization and understanding which transcends space, time, and tangibility. It is from within this dormant domain of the mind that we connect with and realize the Tao.

Mount Magia

The wind ushers in the season’s change. Darkness bellows fires of tempest soul. The horizon glows burning embers of orange rose. The Father calls deep, and the hero rises for the Immortal Beloved to sing and be known.

The Third Sanctum

To those who seek to venture beyond this point, you will be tested, you will come to know God, and his greatest secrets will be revealed.

You are now venturing into the Great Arcanum period of the Three Mountains within which you will learn the greatest of all cosmic mysteries.

Fellowship of the Logos

The alchemical process is universal. We all may just view or relate to the alchemical process a little differently. The reader needs to see past the method of expression of the person sharing his or her perspective of the alchemical process.

If you look at the world of mythology as a manifestation of a deeper underlying higher intelligence manifesting out of the collective unconscious, you will see all the alchemical principles and processes laid out in repeating patterns across all mythologies and religions.

This strongly suggests that the alchemical process is universal in nature. This is why I use metaphor to a degree and then balance it with mainstream scientific thought to bridge the two worlds.

Symphony of the Echelons

The universe and planetary group mind rebroadcast – over and over again – the vital truths of the universe in as many different mythological languages as possible across all spheres of time and space. Repetition and similarity between mythologies does not undermine the principles, it reaffirms them. It is saying, there is something very important here which you need to stop and pay attention to and understand.