Images from inside the book: 

Song of the Immortal Beloved

In Order of Appearance 

The Primordial Earth

An artistic impression of a view of the Emerald Green Valley located on Earth in the Primordial Universe. It is an image of Heaven. This place is very real. It actually exists. This image comes from my memory of this heavenly realm. The Emerald Green Valley is the other side of a portal between the physical Earth and the Primordial Earth. The Primordial Earth is the Celestial Jerusalem, Hyperborea, and Shambhala.

The Grand Rosicrucian Alchemical Formula

Figure [1]
Rosicrucianism is a philosophical branch of Hermeticism. This artwork is reported to contain symbolism of The Grand Alchemical Formula according to Rosicrucianism and is shown in this book as many universal symbols of the alchemical process are artistically portrayed and appreciated. This image is in Manley P. Halls book “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” and is reportedly redrawn from “Museum Hermeticum Reformatum ET Amplificatum”

The Trans-Dimensional Anatomy of the Human Being
The Twelve Bodies and the Stages of Transformation

Figure [2]
The figure eight in the center is composed of the primordial body on top and the physical body on the bottom. The upper lighter hemisphere is the primordial universe. The lower darker hemisphere is the physical universe. The five upper rays each represent one of the five spiritual ethereal bodies. The five lower rays each represent one of the five temporal ethereal bodies and each gradient within each lower ray represents the stages of alchemical transformation (Dark, Fire, and Gold). The circle of light encompassing the figure eight represents the celestial body of light which forms when all twelve bodies come to resonate as one.

Divine Soul
Resonating Form
Historical Symbol

Figure [3]
The Seraphim is a historical symbol of the primordial being resonating with the Divine Soul. The six wings of the Seraphim symbolize the six bodies of the primordial being. The primordial being, along with other forms, resonates with the Divine Soul, and through that resonance becomes a personification of the Divine Soul – the life force of the Immortal Beloved.

Divine Soul
Resonating Form
Modern Symbol

Figure [4]
A new symbol representing the resonance between the original divine monad of Ain Soph and all of creation. The Divine Soul is the life force of Ain Soph. Everything within creation which resonates with the Divine Soul alchemically transforms to higher and higher grades of beauty, intelligence, and divine love. When Ain Soph achieves harmony with creation, a new Monad emerges with the original Monad at the center. This new Monad is the Immortal Beloved. Ain Soph is the heart of the Immortal Beloved and Alchemy is its song.

Taoist Microcosmic Orbit Diagrams

Figure [5.1]

Taoist Microcosmic Orbit Diagrams

Figure [5.2]


Figure [6]
Atlas symbolizes the Foreman performing the Great Work of the Third Mountain. Atlas is the Foreman “Planet Lifting.” Planet lifting is the alchemical process of lifting one’s levels of mind to higher orders of resonance with Ain Soph. The three dimensions of consciousness of Ain Soph are the Father, the Divine Soul, and the Spirit.

Angel Playing Harp in the Clouds
By Giovanni Batista Gaulli

Figure [7]
The angel is a universal symbol arising out of the collective unconscious to manifest in Earth mythology. Angels in the clouds playing musical instruments represent the very real supernatural phenomenon of the spiritual group mind enveloping the primordial Earth. The hierarchy of angels symbolizes the gradient levels of resonance our temporal mind ascends while harmonizing with the life, love, and awareness of the Father. Each gradient level of resonance aligns with each bandwidth of the spiritual group mind of the Earth.

Refraction of Light

Figure [8]
A single ray of white light passing through a glass prism and refracting into a multitude of colored rays of light The colored spectrum exists inside the white light. Similarly, the mind acts as a glass prism refracting the single white light of Ain Soph into the three primary forces of the Cosmic Consciousness.


Figure [9]
The serpent swallowing its tail is a very popular motif arising out of the collective unconscious. In alchemy, it has more than one meaning: (1) The inner and outer cosmos returning on itself. (2) The return to unity. (3) The accomplishment of the Great Work. (4) Eternity. (5) The cycle of creative destruction.

El Castillo, Temple of Kukulcan
Symbol of Mount Magia

Figure [10]
This Mayan pyramid symbolizes the Third Mountain, Mount Magia. The temple was built by the Mayan to worship Kukulcan. Kukulcan is the Yucatec Maya Feathered Serpent Deity. It was known as Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs. The pyramid is the main structure of the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatan. Each of the nine major steps of the pyramid symbolize one of the nine heavens of the Earth. The doorway on top symbolizes the Third Sanctum. The tier atop the Third Sanctum symbolizes the final work of Mount Magia. When we complete Mount Magia, we become a Feathered Serpent.

Fibonacci Sequence

Figure [11]
The Golden Ratio is 1.618. Box 55 is 1.618 times larger than Box 34. Box 34 is 1.618 times larger than 21. Box 21 is 1.618 times larger than Box 13, ad-infinitum.

Mask of the Logos Symbolism

Figure [12]
Typhon Baphomet
He is Lucifer-Orion-Shiva. Shadow of the Logos-Osiris-Vishnu. He is not evil. He destroys and renews until the chemical wedding is achieved. Image Source is Eliphas Levi – Transcendental Magic.

Monad Universal Symbolism

The Tempest Soul

Figure [14]
The Sea of Eros flows through the Canals and Caverns of the Mind. Artwork depicting the dark nature of the Testing-Tithing Period.

Symphony of Cosmic Forces

Figure [15]
The two dragons symbolize Alpha and Omega. The Orb in the dragon’s hand is the Monad. The Three Mountains are in the background. Cerberus is guarding the entrance to the Eternal. Hydra, symbol of the many false-selves, is at the bottom. The Numina, super partner of the Spirit, is symbolized by the Sacred Feminine. The force of the Spirit passes through her.

Symphony of Cosmic Forces

Figure [16]
Hercules (the alchemist) and Cerberus imaged to the left. The cosmic temple of IAO is in the rear. The land is in ruins during the reconciliation. The fourth cardinal force is symbolized by fire.


Figure [17]
This is a figurine or statue image of Pazuzu. Part of Assyrian and Babylonian Mythology, Pazuzu symbolizes Idamus. Idamus is the first of two beasts within the id-complex.

The Gorgon

Figure [I8]
This is the head of Medusa, part of Greek Mythology. The Gorgon is the Dark Champion of the human mind, the Narcissistic Self, the Second Beast which rises from the Earth. Its number is 666. The Gorgon is also “Lilith” and the “Whore of Babylon.”

The Monad in Cosmic Scales

Figure [19]
The Great Work is repeated in cosmic scales:
Cosmic, Planetary, Individual

Twin Creator Symbolism

Figure [20]
Perhaps there is a double meaning behind the image of Adam and God by Michelangelo. Perhaps the image is unconsciously of IAO and the Logos compelled by the Collective Unconscious.


Figure [21]
Psalm 19:1
The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
(Reference to the Logos)

The Rose

Figure [22]
The Rose symbolizes creation being lifted up into resonance with divinity. It symbolizes completion of the Great Work and the fulfillment of the Will of the Father. It symbolizes Erodysis and the completion of the Monad.

The Philosophical Earth

Figure [23]
The Philosophical Earth symbolizes the bodily creation of man and its reconciliation with the Father via the Soul (The Son of God).
“But who may abide the day of his coming?
And who shall stand when he appeareth?
For he is like a refiner’s fire and like fuller’s soap. ” …Malachi 3:2

The Blazing All-Seeing Eye

Figure [24]
The All-Seeing Eye is the symbol of the Logos.
The Universal Fire is the Symbol of IAO.
Together, they symbolize the Reunified God.


Figure [25]
When the Human Soul introduces the love of the Father to the Erotic Soul within the human mind, David is born within us.

Reflections of the Great Work

This collage is composed of images from the main body of this book with added images of the Authentic-Self (Boy with Umbrella); Children of the First Light (5 Children); The Sea of Eros (The Wave); the Logos (Bust of my Father); Love of Creation (The Elephant); The Numina (Image of the Blessed Mother of God).

The Spiritual Group Mind

An artistic representation of the Spiritual Group Mind of the Earth. The ribbons enveloping the Earth are the bandwidths. The nine stars represent the nine heavens, Each heaven is a bandwidth of the Spiritual Group Mind. The Tree of life is shown rising upward through the Sea of Eros. The flames in the sky represent the Divine Trinity.