The Alchepedia – Second Edition – is the third book in the alchemy series. The book is an alchemical glossary or index of terms which decodes, demystifies, and reconciles some of humanity’s most ancient mythologies and arcane terminologies rising out of the collective unconscious into many of the world’s religions and spiritual philosophies.

The alchemical index reveals a whole new perspective and deep meaning behind some of the most important mythologies which have escaped the religious orthodoxy and mainstream academia who profess to be the ultimate authority in their understanding.

The Alchepedia proposes that many of the archetypal characters, in many of humanity’s most popular religions, mythologies, and fabled stories, are all representing an underlying set of divine principles and organizational constructs of energy and consciousness residing at the quantum levels of existence that give rise to consciousness and all of creation. In like form, Erik P. Antoni calls these forces the “Cosmic Quanta.”

The cosmic quanta have a story to tell us about how creation came into existence and it seeks to remind us of the divine mission of the human soul.

In the Alchepedia, Erik P. Antoni reexamines and cross references many common words and terminologies across many religious and philosophical traditions from the perspective of the cosmic quanta and the collective unconscious.

Anthros Galactica is a science fiction series narrated over multiple episodes. Episode three of the series is called The League of Psions. The series is a Space Opera about our humanity’s long forgotten past in the Milky Way Galaxy which arose out of several ancestral humanities who lived among a number of different star systems of the early Milky Way Galaxy.

The third episode continues the story of two ancient long-forgotten humanities, the Orion Empire in the constellation of Orion and the Omicron Order in the constellation of Scorpius. Both humanities had competing visions for how human life should evolve and unfold throughout the galaxy.

The rise of General Cyrus Urlex and the Omicron Order in Scorpius is sending shock waves throughout the galaxy. Can anyone stop the General’s ruthless psychopathic rein? The only power seen willing or potentially capable of stopping the General is the Orion Empire. In episode two, the Empire discovers a secret supernatural power behind the rise of the Omicron. In episode three, the Orion Empire rushes to catch up with this supernatural force in a whole new theater of psychic warfare.

Erik P. Antoni, using his knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries, presents an epic tale which compels the reader to stop and reconsider humanity’s place in the universe and to question the purpose of human existence.